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Developers are welcomed to submit their apps in the form of blog entries. For entering blog entries, please register for our website first and include a profile picture.

In order to make the blog content easy to read for our visitors, please follow the below formatting guidelines. If the blog article is outside the guidelines, your blog entry may not be published.

1. Please create a YouTube video of your app that is similar to the video demo here
The video should be up to 1 minute long and should show the essence of your application (for example, please do not show the settings menu etc). Short videos are tremendously useful to our readers.

2. Please follow the below formatting for your blog entry:

Please enter a unique description for your app, do not copy and paste from iTunes.

Please only give up to 2 links.


We feature some of the best submitted apps in our Best New Apps articles. In order to be considered for these articles you need to follow the submission format specified above. Apps without video clips are not considered. Also submit your video clip to iKidApps.com video repository for extra exposure. 


iKidApps has hundreds of thousands of unique page views each month and we hope to help you publish information about your application and help with promotion. Please help us promote iKidApps.com site by linking to it from your website.


Looking forward to publishing your new apps!


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